Novatech C15B BIOS Updates (if any)

Hi there. I have a fairly old (bought in Jan 2014) Novatech Nspire C15B laptop. It runs W7 and is based on a Core i3 4000 chip and 4GB of Memory.

It has been running fine until yesterday when all of a sudden when I start the Laptop, it just boots straight to the BIOS screen.

On the SATA config screen, the mode is AHCI, the DVDRAM drive is shown on SATA port 2 and the SSD is shown on SATA port 4.

On the security screen the SSD is present, although I don’t have any security set.

On the boot screen, neither the SSD or the DVDRAM is shown in Boot Option Priorities. If I insert a USB flash drive with the W7 installer on it, it appears in the boot list after a restart but still boots straight to the BIOS screen.

I’m now lost what to try next other than a BIOS update but I couldn’t seem to find one anywhere. However, looking at posts on this forum it appears that I have to ask for one and it will be sent via PM with instructions how to install it. Is this correct ?

The current BIOS version details are:
BIOS Version - 610
VBIOS Version - Intel® GOP Driver [5.0.1025]
EC Version - 2300000F16
ME FW Version -

I was hoping to install W10 on this laptop as I have been using it on my wife’s laptop and have downloaded all the W10 drivers applicable in readiness but since this problem I am bit stuck.

TIA for any advice/help you can offer. :+1:

In your BIOS you may have options for CSM and UEFI Boot. if you have either of these settings what are they currently set to.

Hi Coops.

Seems like I might’ve sorted it after trying to find out what the different BIOS values were online - lol.

Then I saw your reply - hehe.

Although why it changed the value on CSM from enabled to disabled I don’t know ???

So I’ve got it back up and working now, although if there are any BIOS updates, especially if they will be needed/assist in the installing of W10 I would appreciate you sending me them.

Thanks again :+1:

Hi Shaky

OK, that’s good, it makes the updating easier this way if we can access Windows. So with that being said you can download the latest update here

However as you are current on BIOS 610 this is a two part update for you. Inside the zip you downloaded you will have two folders. V616 and V703. Both of which contain an exe you can run in Windows to do the updating. You must first run the V616 update so your BIOS has been updated to 616. Once that has been done and you are back in Windows again you can then run the update to 703.

Process for each is the same, make sure AC power connected and battery is charged. Run the BIOS exe with Admin Rights, system will load the update, follow on screen instructions. System will reboot to perform the update and once completed will boot again normally.

Hi Coops.

Both updates worked fine. Thanks for your time. I’ll prolly install W10 on this machine sometime next month. :+1:

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It seems the link is no more functioning , need to update my BIOS


Can you retry link again now and see if still an issue, if so let me know the error it gives you.