Novatech Eclipse Support - Potential Issues with Hotplug Bays

Hi All, I have a new unit from Novatech which included a Novatech Eclipse case…I am having serious issues when plugging a 3.5" drive into one of the hot plug bays at the bottom of the case, this drive isnt my main drive its purely data. I start to get weird unresponsiveness from apps…etc…which ends in a power off/reset.

When the the PC powers back up, it will not go into windows, it just sits with the BIOS logo and spinning circle of dots.

I eventually got it to boot(no idea how) but it had totally destroyed the partitions on the 2TB 3.5" HDD in the bottom bay. Nothing I could do what get it back. I initially thought it was the disk had went, so I bought another HDD and fitted it. all seemed good, worked for about a day, then same issue started happening…Shut the machine down, removed the disk and the pc came up 1st time and has been stable for about 2 days now.

So the issue seems to be related to the hotplug area, can anyone offer any help?

Good afternoon jvenables,

Sorry to hear you’ve had issues with the hotswap bays on your case. I noticed that you’ve filed a ticket in our support system and have been conversing with one of my colleagues via email about the situation.

I’m sure the capable hands of my colleague can get that sorted out for yourself.

  • JASL