Novatech Fake Employee Mails Caution Pop - Ups Under All The Novatech E - Mails From To My Mailbox?

Here the full writing on under the novatech mails from in my mailbox !

** CAUTION: This email originates from outside of Novatech. **
** If the sender of this email appears to be a Novatech employee, it could be fraudulent! **

Please do not click links, enable macros or open attachments
unless you recognise the source of this email and are certain that the content is safe.

If you are at all unsure about safety or security of any email, contact IT for assistance.


Is it a true thing or just a somekind of an error ???


That is something that appears on emails that are sent to Novatech email addresses from people outside of the company. Our IT department add this to all external email as it comes in to our system. So for example if you email someone here that text will be attached to the top of the email when it arrives with us. If we then just reply back to you and you read the email chain then you will see it in the email chain. So this is an internal thing but i can see why it would be confusing. So its just a warning to internal employees about the source of email and to becareful about its handling.