Novatech Laptop

I have a Novatech laptop now running Win10 Pro.
The build is A25PA with onboard Intel Graphics 3000.
Bios is 208 04.06.03.
The only way to run this laptop is to disable the Intel graphics but this gives poor definition.
If enabled the laptop screen is black although the bios boot is visible and if you plug an HDMI this works to allow you to disable the Intel graphics.
This is now a very quick machine as I have also put an SSD drive in with the i7 and 8 gb ram its good, alas not as good as it could be with a bios flash to help Win10 and intel graphics to work together. Have I got my understanding right? How do I fix this?

Please update system to BIOS 209 which i have emailed you a link and instructions for.

John Cooper Op’s Manager,

Worked like a dream.Thank you very much.

Regards Paul H

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Glad to hear it.


Now I have the Bios and Windows 10 running well, I have tried using the HDMI port and its not showing in device manager in the list of display ports, do i need a driver for this to work?


Not sure what you mean exactly by this as the physical ports of a Video Adaptor are not something that appear in Device Manager. There is no driver for it specifically as the ports are to do with the video card itself.
If the external display is connected to the laptop and powered on, have you used Windows Key + P To cycle the system to use the external display??

Sorry. The HDMI port was active and worked on a small tv HDMI to HDMI.
I tried connecting my HP monitor from HDMI (laptop out) to display port on an HP monitor using an adapter this would not work due to power issues and requirements of the different ports.
I did not know this at the time an apologize for wasting your time.
I have now settled on a HDMI to DVI lead that is working well.
Thanks once again and sincere apologies for been daft.

Thats no problem at all, I’m glad you figured out the issue and have it all working now.