Novatech n1765 m.2 Drive

Hello there I’m just wondering if the m.2 drive in this laptop supports nvme drives ? Would help me massively as I have a spare just sitting around doing nothing lol

Yes it can be supported but limitations exist.

Slot 2 Supports Both SATA and PCIe Type M.2 Devices.
Slot 3 Support only SATA Type M.2 Device.

So a PCIe NVME M.2 must be placed in slot 2 for it to be supported, However if using PCIe type M.2 then Slot 3 cannot be used as it shares bandwidth with Slot 2.

Slot 2 and 3 can only be used together if using SATA type devices in both. You lose slot 3 if you elect to fit PCIe type M.2 to slot 2.

Hope that helps