Novatech N3 identification

Hi, recently aquired a fully functioning Novatech N3 laptop. I’ve got it running well on windows 10 (64 BIT) but would like to upgrade the memory. Taking the back off and there is an empty DDR3 (SODIMM?) looking slot, so I’m guessing the 2GB RAM showing is “onboard” RAM. Plan is to add as much RAM here as I can. Unfortunately trying to find out what specification of memory to use is proving problematic !! The “model number” sticker is not readable, and “novatech N3” is too wide a description. I “thought” I could find info under “Drivers & Manuals” but everything is listed by chassis number, and I can’t find that info. Tech support were unable to help. The ONLY info I can find that might help is a sticker in the battery bay that says : NNB-876H 7280248-016. Crucial/Mr Memory diagnosis sites don’t help at all… Would anyone be able to help with either a) Actual memory specs (and max size ), b) What Chassis is this built on or c) Any ideas where else to look ??. Many thanks in advance, E


Thanks for getting in touch, So this is a very old unit. So i can tell you the chassis used here was one that was built by the Uniwill Corporation however they do not exist now as a company as they got bought out and after this long these companies no longer provide support directly for these products. So will be hard to find stuff online now really except from people in the know so to speak.

Memory support is for DDR3 SODIMM 1066/1333mhz up to 4GB max in two DIMM Slots.
The issue is going to be finding compatible DIMMS, as DDR3 SODIMM has changed over the years and the more modern ones are more dense, meaning they use less chips for the same amount of RAM but the system needs to be able to understand these modules which older system potentially might not. Also it must be DDR3 and not DDR3L which is what we see the most these days. DDR3 original are 1.5v DIMMS but the new ones DDR3L now use 1.35V and they will not work in the system. So with the right DIMMs you should be able to do a max of 4GB made of 2 x 2GB DDR3 SODIMM

Hi, many thanks for the info, apologies for not replying sooner but went away for a few days … no computers, no phones, canvas roof and a shed load of beer … absolute bliss !!

I obtained a pre-owned 4GB DDR3 SODIMM and tried it, with the original on-board (?) 2 GB and now have a useable 5.8GB … which is giving a major improvement in performance… OK … still not a s good as an all singing new laptop … but for an outlay of £8.00 I have a nice little system. I plan to stick a larger harddrive in as well, another £12 !! … this will make my total outlay £20.00 for a fully working windows 10 system, with MS Office, that is in excellent condition … might not break any speed records, but it works quite nicely, and saves it going to landfill.

Once again, thanks for the help

Regards, E

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Yes i rechecked and actually max Memory support with i3 370M CPU is actually 8GB.
So this is good.
Glad to hear you have been able to give this unit a second life and hopefully it will find a few more years of useful service for you.