Novatech Nbox II (PC-CX00714 - Pegatron) HELP Needed

Hi There,
A Novatech Nbox II (PC-CX00714 - built by Pegatron) recently arrived, I’d like to open it up to fit a SSD in to it but I don’t have a manual. Would anyone have a manual (PDF, Scanned ect) they can share with me?

Hi There,

I think I have a manual for you that will go through and explain everything for yourself. It’s a fairly old manual but does have instructions on swapping out the hard drive.

If you’re able to Direct Message me your email address I can pop that across to you if you’d like?


Thanks very much, not needed now as I managed to get the lid off late last night, someone had damaged the wire mesh on the none fan side ventilation area and it was holding the case shut as was all buckled up, I managed to change the drive out and sort out the mesh.

Glad you have that all up and running!