Novatech netbook RAM limit

I have 4 old Novatech netbooks that I am preparing to use for running training courses for a charity. I’ve tried upgrading the DDR3 RAM from 1 GB to 2 GB, which is the maximum for the processor, however with 2 GB installed, the netbooks don’t even boot up. I just get a blank screen on power on. Switch back to 1 GB and they boot fine.

They are model MAL-91013N with an Atom N455 processor. Not powerful but they should be sufficient for the training. Any suggestions? Is this a limit in the BIOS? I expect 2 GB of RAM would make a big difference in performance and usability, so I’d like to upgrade if possible.

And a related question: How do I change the CMOS battery on these netbooks? It doesn’t seem to be easily accessible from the panels that can be removed with a couple of screws.

Can you confirm the exact make and model / part number of DDR3 module you are using.

Hello COOPS. Thanks for the quick reply. I had 2 DIMMs available and neither worked:

  1. Kingston TSB1066D3S7DR8/2G
  2. Hynix HMT125S6BFR8C-G7
    Today I managed to find another DIMM and this one worked. I’m wondering if I have some faulty DIMMs.
  3. Hynix HMT125S6AFP8C-G7

The original RAM that is a Kingtiger DDR3 1GB 1066MHz PC3-8500, but doesn’t have a model number.

Could be just faulty do you have something else you can test those modules in to see??

I’ve tested all 3 of the 2GB DIMMS on the 3 working Novatech netbooks. DIMMS #1 & #2 don’t work on any of them, #3 works on 2 of the 3 netbooks. That 3rd netbook does boot with its original 1GB RAM.

So it’s not a BIOS issue. I can only think that DIMMS #1 & #2 may be faulty and the 3rd netbook might have a different hardware fault. The netbooks have had a fairly tough life! Can you think of anything else to try?