Novatech Powerstation 550W 80Plus Bronze... that blue button?

Soooo… the blue button next to the on/off switch… what does it do and should I press it?

I cannot find a Novatech Powerstation with a blue button next to the on/off switch.

Could you reply to this post with the PSU you are using?

Thanks :smiley:

My apologies i have found it (accidentally looked for 500w instead of 550w :sweat_smile: )

From the images it seems to look like a light that would indicate that the power supply is on and functional.

However, without having it on hand i cannot say that’s for certain.

It’s definitely a button, it has two positions, in and out, obviously have left it in the position it came out of the box in (out), but am just curious as to what it actually does, don’t really want to push it in and mess something up, it’s odd that there is no mention of it in the description or specs at all.

Upon closer inspection the fan appeared to have LEDs installed and the button does indeed turn them on. Odd that this information is missing from the product page :slight_smile:

The blue button is to turn on some blue LED’s in the PSU

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