Novatech PSU (PCI cable needed for GTX 1080ti)

Hi all, I’ve recently acquired a 2nd hand Video Card GTX 1080ti, which requires 2 power cables instead of one, which I am currently using for my old video card, however, I am unable to find the correct type of 8pin PSU cable as they are all different depending on the brand.

Now, my whole PC has been built with components bought from Novatech over the years, and my PSU is: NOVATECH POWERSTATION 600W MODUL (Stock code: NOV-PSG600)

Does anyone know of a 8pin PCI cable that would be compatible with Novatech PSU? Or, is there a place where I can get an additional cable from Novatech, as their newer PSUs are also using the same type, from what I can see in the video here:

You would be better off speaking directly to Support regarding this who should hopefully be able to assist with getting you one