Novatech splash screen on startup missing

I updated the BIOS (although it reinstated the same one - FH) on a Gigabyte H61M-S2PV motherboard and it now shows the American Megatrends logo on BIOS startup rather than the Novatech one. It’s a small problem but I’d rather have the Novatech - is there a modified BIOS I need? .

Hi L.F

Please find link below to download FH BIOS version for H61M-S2PV that contains Novatech Splash Screen Logo.

Extract the files from the zip to a DOS bootable USB flash drive and then boot your system from the flash drive to update your BIOS or you can place the BIOS files on a non bootable Flash drive and then flash the BIOS via the QFLASH utility in the BIOS itself following the onscreen instructions.


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Thanks very much. It’s back to normal now.

No problem, glad its sorted =D

The master returns lol

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