nPro N1627 - install Win7 issues

New purchase of above laptop - i5-6200U, 1TB HDD, 256GB SSD without OS

Attempting to install WIn7 from USB (created with MS tool and another one with rufus, both from ISO), gives following error, immediately after language select screen:
'Load driver - a required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing. If you have a driver floppy disc or USB flash drive please insert it now’
This, according to MS is an issue with corrupted files on the USB stick
I have tried 3 different USB sticks and all failed with same error. One of them has worked successfully on another (older) machine

I suspect that it may be a driver issue with a post-Win7 motherboard and hardware.

I haven’t yet tried the obvious route of inserting a USB stick copied from the driver DVD (because for some reason it only occurred to me last night and I needed to get some work done…) That is for the weekend

So - is this likely to be the solution, or are there other possibilities? And any thoughts on the likely drivers?

I could install Win10, but working on a domain I’m not entirely convinced yet (or at least my IT guys aren’t!)


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This is usually caused by a corrupted .ISO file download, if possible try re-downloading the Win7 ISO and recreating the USB stick this should then work

Good morning Alg,

I’ve noticed that you have a Skylake processor in the machine, have you had chance to read up on the possible USB issues surrounding installing Windows 7 onto a system with a Skylake processor?

You can find that here: Intel 6th Generation "Skylake" Processors - Installing Windows 7 - USB Keyboard and Mouse not working (xHCI driver patch)

Due to the fact you’re installing via USB, and Skylake has issues with USB drivers without patching the installation media first, it’s likely that you’re also suffering from the USB becoming disconnected and so the install process can’t continue.

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Thanks for that - I did read that thread but wasn’t sure whether it applied or not.

I’ll look closer a the alternative slipstreaming notes and give that a go. Have latest Win7 ISO from MS site as suggested by Sebastion_Steel

Will report back on success…!

Success - yes, but… Win7 still stalled, same place, same error, Win10 installed in minutes (MS minutes anyway) quickest windows install ever
Thanks for the advice