Nspire A25PA Dissembly


I’m trying to do a bit of maintenance and cleaning to my Novatech Nspire A25PA laptop, But I’m having trouble splitting the case to get inside it. Is there a manual anywhere for this model? or can anyone advise how to take it apart?.

I’m able to get the bottom panel off and remove the HDD, ram etc. Bit I can’t get the top panel off where the keyboard is.

Any info would be appreciated.


I don’t have the complete manual for this unit. I have sent off a request to the factory to see if I can get that for you. I’ll come back to you once I hear back from them.


Hello Joe and welcome to the forum :smile:

What in particular is it that you are trying to clean?
Have you managed to remove the keyboard from the top chassis, this is held in via 4/5 clips along the top edge of the keyboard and then there should be some screws to undo to allow you to remove the top case.

Please use link below for Service Manual. This should hopefully cover the information you are after.

A25PA Service Manual

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Thanks for all your help. The manual is really handy I appreciate you getting that. I did manage to take it apart in the end. After I figured out to pop the keyboard out I found the remaining screws that were holding it all together.