Nspire C15B dvd Problem

Got a feeling this is something stupid so I’m hoping someone can put me out of my misery. I’m running wndows 10 64 bit

In disk management the DVD is assigned E drive letter and apart from a usb mouse nothing else is plugged in.

The DVD drive is not showing in windows explorer. Disks with both audio and documents both show as “no media”

I’ve tried uninstalling the windows driver and rebooting. No luck

Hi Gary,

If you haven’t resolved this issue yet please call our team on 02392 322 500 and speak to our support team.

The team can check warranty status and if your unit is under the warranty, we can arrange repair if necessary.

The team can also of course provide lifetime support to the original purchaser, even if the unit is out of warranty, and assist with diagnosing the issue or suggesting out of warranty repair.

If you are close to our store in Portsmouth you could alternatively bring it into us to be looked at.

Thank you