Nspire N1592 motherboard issue

Sorry as posted this in hardware to, also noticed its a C15B since.

After 2 half years of minimal use my N1592 motherboard has died, told it was defective but that’s another story.
Been informed it was a clevo c15b4 ? However can’t find any information. Novatech can’t get any replacements so left with a brick, can anyone recommend a motherboard that will fit the chassis and also take the components?
Assuming I can start a fresh? As don’t want to lose all that money spent.



Hello Pete

Unfortunately the C15 Chassis is indeed end of life and the motherboards are no longer (and haven’t been for some time) being produced by the manufacturer. Even second hand/reconditioned boards are becoming very hard to find, especially the B4 variant a graphics chip and TPM such as yours. Due to the nature of laptops the motherboard is designed to specifically fit a chassis so installing another board in the unit would not be a viable option. However there are 4 versions of the board that will fit your machine :

C15B1 - No TPM or GFX chip
C15B2 - No TPM but has a GFX chip
C15B3 - TPM but NO GFX chip
C15B4 - TPM and GFX chip

They would all work in your machine but depending on what you are planning to use the machine for should you be able to repair it, there would be some trade offs.

I can understand your frustration with being left with a unit that no longer functions, the only realistic option would be to search the web in the hope that someone may have one for sale, however a motherboard replacement on a laptop is not something that we would suggest consumers undertake as this does involve complete disassembly of the laptop, this should only be undertaken by someone familiar with laptop repairs as it can be very easy to damage either the chassis or the internal components during this process and would be entirely under your own risk.

I know this is not necessarily the news you were hoping for but if there is anything else I might be able to help you with or you require any clarification on the above please feel free to contact me

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Thank you for the reply, it’s frustrating as I paid more than normal for something to be more future proof.
Do you know if the processor, nvidia graphics card and memory would be transferable to another chassis plus motherboard?

Kind regards

Without the serial number of your machine I cannot be 100% accurate as there are some differences between some of the models we have sold, however as a general rule:

If you are enquiring if you would be able to transfer these items into a replacement C15 Chassis with any of the mainboards listed above then yes you should be able to move the Processor and RAM over to another C15 but the GFX chips is not removable and is part of the motherboard.

If you are looking to move them to a different make/model of laptop then it is possible but there are restrictions, firstly you need to ensure that the new machine has the same chipset as the processor that you currently have (I’m afraid I cannot be more accurate without the serial number) but most machines will come with a processor already fitted or as part of the mainboard itself so this may be a moot point.
You can transfer the RAM, you would just need to ensure that the new unit takes DDR3 RAM and has a free slot to fit it in.