NSpire Pro - A25 Motherboard

I am trying to find out manufacturer for the A25 board - or find out if I can order a new IO board for A25 motherboard.

Does Novatech Support look at this forum anymore ??

I have found out that is is an ASUS A25PA mothboard board. Can anyone in tech support provide me with a full part number please?

Hi Kraken

The motherboard is made by Pegatron to fit the A25PA laptop Chassis which they also manufacture.
The motherboard part number is 9C-N0YKM0110 however as its a motherboard specific to the chassis and as this unit has been EOL for some time I am not sure how easy it will be to get parts now.

Just looking on our system we built units with this chassis back in 2012 and we have not had spare motherboards since end of 2014

Mr Guru sir. Can you get me the specs of the DC input socket for the A25PA chassis please or advise which socket I should buy. The information out on the internet is so scarce.
Thanks in advance.

Hi - I have a A15A with BIOS 210 and getting a black screen with Windows 10 update. Can you provide me with an updated BIOS please?