nTab B28T drivers

I recently bought a 2nd hand nTab B28T for my son. The previous owner seems to have reinstalled windows but it doesn’t seem like they had the drivers as the touchscreen and sound are not working and no battery status.

Is there any chance of getting the correct drivers?

Thanks in advance.

Download from the link below


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Thanks COOPS,
After a Win 10 update a couple of days ago it had also despatched the touch screen, sound and battery status, so I’ll try and get them back with your zip file :slight_smile:


I have an NNB-B47K which recently lost the battery status and micro sd card reader.
I tried the link to download drivers and nothing opened.
Can you help?
The tablet has been a excellent device working flawlessly. I am constantly showing ipad and surface users what you can do for a fraction of the cost

I have tested the download link above which i will post again below and am having no issue downloading it. This downloads a zip file containing all the drivers that will need extracting.


The issue must have been firewall or anti virus.
I used synology download station and now have the drivers.

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hello Mr cooper, i was wondering if you could help me,
i have the same tablet, which i deleted the OS , but now i dont know how to reload windows and android on it
would be grateful for any help, please

novatech b28t