NVidia HB SLI Bridge

Has anyone seen the new HB SLI bridge on sale anywhere? Has it actually been released yet? Can I emulate the HB bridge by having two “normal” SLI bridges attached between two cards?

Using 2 of the standard SLI bridges will not emulate an HB Bridge. So putting 2 of the legacy bridges will not get the same performance as the new HB Bridge. It will still work but the SLI performance will be limited to the speed of the Legacy Bus. Depending on your setup this may or may not be an issue as performance issues will depend on what resolution your are running at, are you using surround monitor etc.

Some of the LED SLI bridges that have been around recently will be able to boost up to the newer SLI Bus speeds due to design and construction being in line with the HB SLI Bridge design. So to get the most out of SLI on the 1080 when using 4K or surround Monitor setup than an HB Bridge is going to be something you will want to get at some point.

As yet I am not sure that Nvidia have actually released the HB Bridge yet. I have not seen it yet and they have it listed as coming soon themselves so I am going to assume we are still waiting for it.

Thank you for that information COOPS. To me it just seems daft to not release the HB bridge at the same time as the cards. Is NVidia trying to dissuade us from doing SLI by any chance (maybe multi-GPU DX12 is the way to go in the future).

I am not sure but I am hearing a lot of different things about SLI. I know that 3 and 4 way SLI on 1080 is supposed to be locked out by default. The focus seems to be for 2 way SLI. For those that want to do 3 and 4 way SLI you were going to have to register on some Nvidia site to get an unlock key but I have not been able to find out any further information other than that this was going to happen.

I think they want to try working on optimising 2 way SLI as much as possible and as you mention DX12 multi-GPU, maybe they are considering moving SLI support on to the developer to work out rather than Nvidia doing it in the driver. This might be another reason to limit it down to 2 way SLI as it keeps the hardware design tighter making it easier for developer to work on. This is just a guess on my part but like you I wonder what the SLI plans are. Maybe 2 way SLI is simply because the new chips do not really scale to 3 way and 4 way as well and so is not worth doing especially considering how powerful the card is already do you really need more than 2. I am sure at some point the reasons why will come out.

Not sure about the HB bridge but yes I would have thought it should really be out and about already seeing as cards are here.