NVIDIA IRAY Graphics Cards


I’m looking to upgrade my Graphics card from a GeForce GTX 970 to something better. I’m a 3D Graphics Designer using DAZ 3D to render and I’m debating a couple of issues.

I’m debating what cards are out there, which are NVIDIA IRAY, better than the 970 and will fit my motherboard?

My current Motherboard is a GA-78LMT-USB3 6.0.

I’m under the impression that Cuda Cores make a difference when it comes to rendering, render time and render quality. The higher the better, so I’m led to believe.

I have a little bit of money to play about with but don’t fancy upgrading the entire machine. It’s running with 28GB of RAM, a brand new 8350 FX 8 Core Processor and has an SSD, multiple 1-4tb hard drives and runs sweet generally.

I’m just looking to upgrade that graphics card and speed up those renders.

Any thoughts?



Yes Core count is important here for you. So a card with more Cores and more memory would help improve your render times. So you can look at 10 series and 20 series cards and we would need to look at them against the spec of your current 970. The PCI Express tech on your current board is only version 2 rather than the current 3 and this may have a small impact on modern card performance but shouldn’t be that much. The biggest issue we face here is more likely to be compatibility with modern card on your motherboard as the board uses old AMD Chipset so always potential for issue in this situation and then its getting that addressed with motherboard Manufacturer, its not something to worry about to much, it might be an issue but it might not be, its just something we need to be aware of.
However on paper everything should work with new GPU without to much of a problem. Just make sure you have good enough PSU and cooling to support what card you want to use.