Nvidia RTX 3080


I’m looking to build my sons first (joint project for us) PC for his upcoming b-day. However, I cant find or more over, i’m not willing to pay 1000’s for a 500-600 graphics card.

Can anyone at Novatech, let me know if they/when I can lay my hands on RTX 3080, for retail pricing.

I’m not looking to mine BTC :slight_smile:

Due to the shortage of chips and the increase in material costs it is unlikely in my opinion that 3080 would be retailing at that price anytime soon, not to mention the difficult of even getting them in the first place and they simply cost more than that to buy in the first place from manufacturer. Also Nvidia is looking to make changes to the line up shortly (rumoured to be this month) to bring in new versions of RTX cards that have hardware based Hash Rate Limiters to make them undesirable to Crypto Miners. This will they hope ease the supply problem for normal consumers, however until more details are released on these cards, pricing, specs etc its unclear what effect this could have on stock of the other models and pricing depending on where Nvidia places them in the model line up.
Its probably not what you wanted to hear i know, but the 3080 still has extremely high demand which means any stock that does arrive does not last long.



I really appreciate the response - I’ll sit tight and wait then, as this does sound like this sound allow standard non mining folks to purchase high-end GPU again.