So what are peoples opinions these days? Which cards give the best bang for buck (or just just best overall performance)?

  • AMD

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Have always been a bit of an Nvidia fan boy… had a few ati/amd card and just never really felt they were as good :confused:

: Awaits pending flame war : lol

nVidia all the way. I used to like ATi cards back in the '90s, but eventually went off them due to the configuration utility (which got quite bloated). I understand that things are better with AMD cards software-wise, now.

Well, as you asked…

Here’s a video of gameplay footage we’ve just made on Mad Max comparing an R9 390 and a GTX 690 SuperSC card…

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Had both cards but have been with AMD since the 4870’s, currently own 2x r9 290’s in crossfire which I consider to be the best for the money, although in an sli setup the 970’s really push hard and when overclocked well really do shine through. Will probably stick with AMD on my next upgrade unless pascal is just so good it cant be ignored. For me AMD offer better price performance so far.

Although I currently have a 980 after having AMD cards since 2008, I think my next card will probably be AMD depending on what is released in the next couple of years. NVIDIA Control Panel is one of the worst utilities I’ve ever had to use. That combined with the fact NVIDIA are looking to force people to use Geforce experience for driver updates are my reasons for my choice.

I know AMD has a bad rep for software, but that is from a older time. These days there’s nothing wrong with their drivers and config software at all IMO. Plus their cards are generally always the best power per pound.

They seem to be rebranding their software to Radeon Crimson

Curious they have gone back to using the Radeon term…

Yes I see that announced this week, Ive never really had a problem with the catalyst software, because of my crossfire setup my gripe has always been slow driver updates for the crossfire in a lot of the big titles. But its never bothered me enough to change camps as nvidia drivers havent exactly been on point this year either (so I have read)

As I’ve had to install a few AMD cards recently I must agree. The software is much improved and they’ve added similar features to NVidia in that you can optimise your game settings and such like.

I’d probably still go with NVidia but that’s more because its familiar rather than anything against AMD.

Hum, the poll’s colours are a bit off. The result bar is gray on gray.

I’d go with nVidia. My ATI/AMD ownership of X800GT and 5870 felt dated after a few months whereas my 8800GTX and GTX580 all felt fast even after a few years.

Voted amd, recently bought an nvidia :smiley:

Kinda going off nvidia :frowning:

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AMD has always been the best bang per buck, but not necessarily the best performance. So from the original question. AMD = bang per buck, Nvidia = frame stability, probably a better performance overall.

Bought a Zotac 970 Amp! Edition on Monday ready in preparation for Fallout 4 and so far it has been great… my last four cards have been Nvidia too

The 1 thing to said for the 970 is when you sli them they shine very brightly the performance is astounding, definitely the budget sli option in the green camp

Not sure I could sneak another 970 onto the credit card past the wife before Christmas :grin:

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Hackintosh/steam os - nvidia

Not charging £200 for a g-sync module - amd

Everything else is pretty even :frowning: