Odd thermal problem

Been having this issue for a while now, have replaced the thermal paste on my H100i cooler a number of times now, all is fine for a good few days great temps etc then after 4-5 days the temps sky rocket and become borderline safe, using artic silver paste, used the proper arctic clean every time and used different paste also. Any thoughts? As I’m a little perplexed by this glitch lol

Could it be circulation issue / blocked hose or pump failing. Does one hose feel way hotter than the other when cpu temp is high which might indicate that fluid is not circulating in the system.

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One tube is a little hotter, but would seem strange that the temps only rise after a few days of of the reapplication of thermal paste which is what has thrown me. Will run some proper tests at the weekend to see how hot the pipes get and report back. What can I do with an H100i with a blockage or flow problem?

How old is the unit??

To be honest I have only ever seen it once and the unit was not that old so I assumed it was probably something in the system from manufacture that eventually got its way round the system and finally stuck somewhere it really did not need to be. This became fairly obvious as the CPU would just get very hot and then one hoses was cool while the other became very hot as the CPU heated the now restricted fluid.

Is it still running hot now, like whatever the issue is, its still present.
Do you have corsair link software running, cause you should be able to see fluid temp and pump speed in that as well which might provide some clues.

Yes its idling at a package of 52c very uneven cores on stock everything, 1 pipe is significantly hotter than the other. When new paste is applied it idles at around 32-34c then 3-4 days later jumps to the higher temp, dont think its a blockage or it would surely be consistently high? I’m guessing a breakdown of the thermal paste, would this be possible? Not come across this problem before so clutching at straws a little lol

Not sure why putting new paste on would do that but it does mean you disturbed the cooler as well disconnecting it.

Would you say if you feel both pipes you have one hot pipe and one cold pipe. This would indicate fluid is not moving as normally temperature evens out as fluid mixes so quickly round the system

On the pipe that is hot is it same temperature all the way along from the CPU right up to the radiator or does it get cold all of a sudden.

With system running if you place hand on pump can you feel the vibration of the impeller. You might need to increase pump speed if you are controlling it to a higher rpm to see if you can feel it. If you cannot feel it then suggest pump not functioning.

I assume at some point everything was working or has been, what was done just prior to the start of the issue appearing, maybe that might shed some light.

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Have ended up working all weekend so no time or energy to sit down and go through this am hoping maybe Sunday evening may actually get to sit and tinker with this odd teaser.

Well my odd problem seems to have corrected itself and temps are all normal again and the hot pipe is now a much more equal temp, so what ever the blockage was it has cleared. So odd I’m sure you’ll agree lol

Strange. Best keep an eye on it thought in case whatever that was comes back.

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Its still not performing as it should be my temps are high even at stock, giving it a tap and moving the pipes aids the temps slightly but only temporarily. How does the 5 year warranty work with these units? Is it worth the whole process in your eyes Coops?

Its worth doing simply because its not working properly and not doing what it should be doing. That issue is not going to fix itself, so for the small amount of pain or removing it and sending off its worth it just to get a proper functioning unit. The RMA Process has got better for Corsair for us in the UK as they do now have a UK RMA place so turn around is faster.


Ok cool can I bring it to Novatech for this process or will I have to contact corsair directly and deal with them. End of 2015 it was purchased I think so out of the 12 month warranty.

We could do it but your turn around will be faster if you go direct, cuts us out of the loop but also direct end user is handled differently than the B2B supply chain, so if it was me I would go direct simply cause it would be faster, plus it opens up the options of things like advanced replacement which we cannot do for you if you want that option.

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Thanks for the great advice as always mate, will come up to get a cheap cooler this weekend then strip it out and contact them. Will let you know how I get on.