Old bios for N1818?

Hi, I’m after a older version of the bios for a N1818 (Clevo NH77DDW) as I can’t seem to undervolt it due to to the plundervolt cpu vulnerability. I’m currently running version 1.07.06 but I see around the internet that V.1.07.03 is undervoltable. Any change of it please? :slight_smile:
Other than that is a fantastic laptop (though it would be lovely with a touchscreen!!)


We do not generally support back flashing to older versions and most BIOS tools will not even allow it. There is lots of reasons why but the biggest is to do with BIOS Structure layout that can change during updates but when flashing backwards no process exists to correct the structure layout that was done by updates and thus the BIOS data can end up corrupted and long story short you now have a dead laptop. In rare cases where this is warranted action we would only do this with support from the BIOS engineering team at Clevo as it may require different tools to carry out the work to correct for these changes. As we are talking about back dating by three versions i would have to speak with BIOS team and see what they say. However going back 3 versions would also introduce known bugs and security flaws in to your unit that had already been fixed and this could lead to other issues in the unit operation.

Are you simply looking to have the ability to undervolt the CPU and why do you want to do this manually??

Hi, if you could find out if I can I would be very greatful. I’m not too worried about security flaws as I don’t do anything particulary sensitive on it. Yes I’m just after the undervolt, as the laptop does thermal throttle after a while because of some of the stuff I do on it. I just need to drop the temps 5deg or so to stop it throttling which a 60-100mv undervolt I hope will accomplish that. Thanks.

So i have heard back from BIOS team at Clevo who have informed me that stock BIOS for NH77DDW has never had any option for end user to adjust CPU Voltage. However some people are using modified BIOS which is not something they provide support for as created by third party. They also say that some people adjust CPU functions via software tool. Intel made one called XTU which for supported model CPU allowed various changes to be made to CPU which was applied during system start-up when XTU Service loaded. However other tool also exist.
So in short there is no stock solution to this for this from our side. Any solution would appear to be the work of third parties, support for which we cannot be sure of.


Hi, yes I know they won’t have a voltage control section in the bios, the issue is that from the plundervolt cpu vulnerability it looks like the intel microcode was updated to ‘lock’ the voltage.
Just a copy of the bios would be good so I can have a butchers.

Yeah no problem i will email over a link for you to download files for 1.07.03

Just flashed it and I can now undervolt. I’ve managed to knock 120mv off the core and 25mv off the cache.
Only shame is I’ve lost the Novatech start screen, it now comes up saying ‘Style Note’.
Out of curiosity is there a .04 and .05 bios? I’m just wondering when the plundervolt lock came in?
Thanks again.


Yes i can send .04 and .05 if you wish. Once you settle on version you want to use i can get you Novatech Logo Version

Ah thank you, that would be brill.
Well V.Core is now down by 225mv and the cache by 50mv. That’s knocked 10deg of the temps with linx running so now I don’t even break 80c. :slight_smile:

I have emailed you links for 04 and 05 Version.

Just out of interest whats your testing process to check for stability with reduced V.Core

Many thanks, I’m now on v05.
It seems along with the plundervolt patch, v06 also has an extra light sequence for the keyboard - typically the one I used!
Testing wise, I do an hour of linx, then I run a single thread test in throttlestop, then a twin thread, then a four thread test. Seems to be slightly more unstable on battery when it gets down (~30%) so I’m currently at 190 on the core and 45 on the cache with throttlestop set to swap between profiles depending on whether it’s plugged in or not.
Plugged in its happy at 225/50.
Overall very pleased with the results, and a big thanks for supplying the older bios versions. :slight_smile: