Onboard docking stations

I have just picked up my new PC and found it comes with three onboard hard drive docking ports.

Having a small problem though when I plug in a drive, nothing happens. The PC doesn’t recognise the attached drive, but there is power going to the drive.
I’m running Windows 10 and I’m plugging in a 1TB Seagate Barracuda SATA hard drive.
I have tried all 3 ports, I have reboot the PC with the HD plugged in and nothing shows in disk management when I check there.

Any help would be appreciated.

Good Afternoon,

We’re sorry to hear about the issues you’re experiencing.

Have you tried the HDD in another PC? Just to make sure that it is the ports that are causing the issue and not the drives.

Another troubleshooting test could be to , if possible, try a different drive in this docking ports to see if it is recognised.

if you are able to get on to the drives, it may be beneficial if you were to test the drives using Seatools.

Luckily, a guide to how to install and run this program can be found on the forum! I have linked it below.

Seatools setup guide: Performing a Hard Drive test with Seagate Seatools

I hope this helps and by all means reply to this with the results of your testing. :slight_smile:

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In addition to this;

Is the HDD one you have used before or is it new and unused?

If it is new then it may be that the drive needs to be initialised before the machine will recognise it.

if you need any help doing this, let me know

It would also be worth (as long as you are happy to do so) to check that the connection between the dock and the mainboard inside the case are connected correctly


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The HD was working before I removed it from my previous PC, but I will plug it back in, connect the PC back up and give the Seagate test a go and see what the results are.

Used HD, used on the PC I was using just before I picked up my new one (about a week ago). I remember looking at the connection when I opened up the PC to install a 3TB HD and they looked OK. I’d hope that the PC wasn’t put together with 3 ports not being fully connected, but I will double check them to be sure.

Thanks for the suggestions though, both of you.

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Not a problem, Friday.

Please get back to us as soon as possible with the results of your testing.

Alternatively, you can contact our Technical Support Team via Email, Telephone or by Online Livechat.

We look forward to hearing from you. :slight_smile: