Ongoing novel sagas, that you can't wait to read

Everybody goes on about the next GoT book being delayed and most of us remember going mental waiting for the next Harry Potter book, however there are a bunch of other ongoing book series that I crave.

My personal favourites that I cannot wait for…

The Laundry Series by Charles Stross:

Geeks doing magic… Demonology via programming languages… and hedge fund predicting vampires.

The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher :

A modern day wizard/PI in Chicago, easy to read fun and oddly compelling. Packed with clever little references and attempts at witty one liners.

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss :

Currently the MOST anticipated novel in fantasy (GoT is sooo mainstream) the third is due this year (we think). This is also being hotly tipped to be a film trilogy, or possibly the replacement for HBO when GoT finishes?

Any other good ones that people can think of?

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I have now finished all available Laundry books, the last book ends on such OMG moment!

I’m a third of the way through the second Patrick Rothfuss book… will definitely need to find the Dresden files books to read once I’ve finished it.

Dresden’s a good choice to keep you going, there’s like 17?

Unfortunately I read them in a day :frowning:

How do you find Kvothe?

Great so far, I like the narrative style and how it jumps between the inn and the story

Yeah, the only problem I have is there is SUCH an implied power difference between old and new Kvothe, I’m fairly sure it has to do with the power of stories and shizz, but they haven’t got a lot of time left…

Also can we do spoiler tags?

Not yet. It’s a plugin I need to find and add

@RosscoPColtrane I finally managed to finish “The Neon Court” in the Matthew Swift series too!

Did I give/recommend the powder mage novels to you?

You may have mentioned them down the pub one night, but you will have to refresh my memory

Awesome, flintlock and sorcery idea. Imagine Sharpe with spells based around snorting gunpowder and controlling paths of musket balls, against close combat high DPS mages

Sounds awesome. I’ve started a Cory Doctorow binge at the moment, but once I’ve ploughed through those I will have to check these out.

Also have you read the Mistborn books?

Doesn’t ring a bell…

Magic via ingesting trace amounts of metals such as gold and platinum, tin and pewter etc and then using them to activate certain powers, e.g. tin allows you to sharpen senses, iron allows you to pull on metal etc…

Some people can only burn one metal. Mist born can burn all eight.

Interesting thing is they have limited resources based on the levels of metal tehy ingest.

Just finished reading Little Brother and Homeland by Cory Doctorow. Couldn’t put them down… and the best part is that Cory gives them away for free on his website

Definitely worth checking them out if you like novels with accurate technology descriptions

For anyone born in the 80’s or earlier, I just finished reading “Ready Player One”.

It hits the nostalgia parts of your brain pretty damn hard. Apparently being made into a movie too. Enjoyable read, and worth a look.