Overheating issues


So i’ve had my laptop (n1755 I think it is) for around a year now and I’ve found that it’s started overheating, using speccy I can see after half an hour of playing a game my processor and motherboard have reached 79 degrees image

I’ve tried to maintain the fans by using an air can to blow out the dust (but some dust is still visible on the fan blades). Are there any other methods that I can use to keep the air ducts clean and my laptop cool as I know running it at high heat for maintained periods of time can seriously damage the laptop? I don’t want to pull the laptop apart for obvious reasons.


It might just need the thermal paste re-applying. If the laptop is still in warranty they might re-apply it for you under warranty, otherwise it’s a quick cheap job to get done.

Yes it is the thermal compound you need to replace ask


It went out of warranty about 2-3 days before that post :’( could any computer shop do it?

Its more likely dust blocking the cooling fan than a need for new thermal paste. Thermal paste can last for many years if the heatsink is not removed.
However it is more common for dust from the air to enter the cooling fan and over time it builds a layer over the heatsink fins, this blocks the air from the fan from passing through the fins of the cooler which reduces cooling performance and CPU temperature increases. How long this takes to happen depends on the environment the unit is being used in.

You may want to inspect the cooling fan and heatsink for any sign of blockage and if blocked a quick squirt from a can of compressed air can normally sort that right out.

i’ve tried a quick squirt from a compressed air can and there is still a little dust visible on the fans but not a lot and no dust seems to be dislodging from the fan.

You need top check the heatsink by the exhaust part for bits of dust.

There are on your older laptop models this metal type tape which is stuck down what is it. It looks like aluminium. How do you stick it back down.

Maybe the thermal crap is gone hard and you need to replace it.

Why can’t I link something to your competitors ?

I don’t paticularly wanna pull the laptop apart to do so. i’ve had bad experiences with putting them back together in the same way…

Why not take it to a computer repair shop and have them check your laptop.

PC World, a friend, test your memory, test your hard drive with speedfan.

Found out what causes overheating Novatex put stickers on top of the CPU.

That is the cause. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What sticker and where? There shouldn’t be any stickers on the CPU - Unless the plastic sticker cover was accidentally left between the CPU and heatsink? In that case someone dun goofed!



That sticker would not cause any issue, the heat contact part is the raised square in the middle currently covered in thermal paste, that is the only part that makes contact with the heatsink, the rest of the CPU, the green part around the middle part is not heat producing and does not contact heatsink.

Also any issue relating to the sticker would have shown up straight away in the unit.

Please make sure that rest of cooling assembly is functional, heatsink is clear of dust, Fan is operational and heatsink is screwed down correctly to CPU.

Please also be aware that CPU has a maximum operating temperature of 100 degrees and depending on airflow, system loads and cooling design especially those that incorporate other components being cooled it can see high 80’s and low 90’s under extreme usage conditions.

Do we know what idle temperature and what load temperatures were??

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