P670 rs blue screen error


I own an p670 rs

Windows 10 installed and for about 2months i keep getting an VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE (nvlddmkm.sys) blue screen error.
With the latest NVidia drivers i cant event enter the game.
I tryed using Windows 8.1…still get an error but not so often. after a few restarts on win 8.1 i can play until the next shut down!
I reinstalled win10 to use the drivers u have here! they are out of date and my World of Warcraft cant recognize em!
I don`t know what to do!
I did a DDU clean restart but same thing…The drivers from here are to old, the new drivers keep giveing me a blue screen.
Help pls!
Forgot to say my video card is an NVidia GTX1070

Hi few things we can check to start with.
Depending on the age of the unit its possible that some of the heat sinks could have been blocked up with dust this could lead to issue of the GPU over heating especially during gaming as the GPU will heat up and if the cooling is not working properly then things might be an issue. So this would need a little bit of inspection to just make sure that all free and clear.

Also if you can provide Serial Number of your unit which will be on a white label and look something like this 7654321-001 we can check what BIOS / EC versions your unit shipped with and provide latest updates to just eliminate that as possible issue.

Is the issue also only with certain games or with any game. Certain Game issues mean we need to look at software as the cause whereas everything having a problem might suggest the issue is more hardware related. If that is the case it might need some further diagnosis to see if something has gone faulty and needs fixed.

It s not an overheting problem. It never goes over 82/83°C. I only play WoW and Dota2 on it. Not very demanding games. When i had Win8.1, and open WoW a display driver stoped working error ,just appeared and it kept appearing each time i opend up either of the games but after a fast reset it would work just fine for a few hours. I had tue win8.1 base video drivers. No blue screen with Win 8.1 just a driver crash

With Win10 and latest driver it just opens up the game and blue screen after 5 seconds!

I took a photo of the serial but it s not clear because of the camera blitz. Did not notice. :slight_smile: I ll update in a few hours when i get to my laptop.

It s from 2016, the laptop, and i think it has the base BIOS version. Never had an update.

Thanks for your reply!

Here is the serial number!

Any news with my serial?!
Is it this one?!
Getting a bit impatiemt here with all this blue screen errors:(


I require our Manufacturing Serial Number, that is the Chassis Serial Number. It is another label attached to the unit with our logo on it and it will look like this, 7654321-001 ( 7 numbers / Dash / 3 Numbers ) Failing that can you PM me your order number or address details so I can find your original order on our system.

i m sorry, i don t seem to have any other labels with that code and my address would not help…i got the laptop from a company, not directly from you guys!


I am still trying to find manufacturing records for the unit you have. Do you know the name of the company you bought this from, country of sale and when this was purchased.

I dont know any other details! All in know is that it has a Novatech brand and that it s a Clevo. What BIOS version should i have?


I would recommend getting in contact with your place of purchase in order to obtain details requested or request that they contact our aftersales team directly, which they will be able to do if they purchased from us.

Unfortunately without this information any answer would be guesswork, and guesswork is just not our way of doing things.

I d love to do that, but the company i bought it from was not a computer selling company. It just went bankrupt and i bought the laptop at an auction, 2 years ago. All i have from it is the book of the laptop itself!

I ll just take it to a service if u can t help me!

Thanks for your time!