P771DM Bios update

@COOPS - Can’t DM so posting here.

Model - Novatech P771DM

S/N: NKP771DM0005K00069

CPU-Z shows motherboard as - P775DM3-G would that be correct?

Latest EC-Firmware, ME-Firmware and System BIOS if possible.

or would it be safe to use the latest Clevo Bios/FW direct from them?



In order to make sure we provide the correct updates, can you provide your current EC and SYS Bios versions. These both can be seen from the main bios screen and will be shown in the following format 1.xx.xx where x will equal a numeric value. So for example 1.07.01.
If you can let me know your current SYS and EC Versions I will sort out what updates you need.