Pascal or Polaris. What are your thoughts?

Nvidia beat AMD to the market again with “The most power GPU Ever” but AMD may have a trick up there sleeve. Thoughts?



So hard to say but we will find out very soon as the press release is the beginning of next month. I have my reservations about the nvidia performance in dx12 still but the performance per watt and general overall performance is just outstanding on the 1080 so AMD are really going to have to go some to beat that. Hoping they do well though but I don’t think I will be hopping on the gpu’s this time round as my 290’s are still going strong.

I shall take an eye into the press release to see how it compares.

Facing the fact AMD haven’t done very well with there power management in the last couple of years so i will be majorly impressed if they managed to beat Pascal in that perspective

The performance scales of AMD have always been good for there price but the Nvidia cards have improved there price quite a bit, if we think for a second, the 1080 out performs Titans, 980TI’s and 2 x 980’s in SLI. I was expecting this card to cost a fair bit more but it has come out fairly well

290’s are very good cards but i think i may make the jump onto one of the newer generation cards

This range of AMD isn’t going to compete with the high end cards I think that will be the Vega option that is next, I think they will concentrate on the mid range with less watts this time around, but alas thats just an educated guess at this stage lol. Very tempting but I’d have to get 2 cards to beat the performance of the 2 290’s so not really cost effective for me at this stage


Certainly what is on paper there is very interesting. As they said, focusing on mainstream/midrange first then high end with Vega later on. Around 390 performance for $200, with the TDP or a 970 is quite a feat, I am very eager to see the benchmarks for that one. If it works in practice, I have pretty high hopes for something realistic from their top end range when they get around to it!

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Yeah very interesting time to be in the market for GPU! Crossfire again is going to be a very valid option for AMD cards again I feel at these prices and TPD

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Not sure how accurate the search results are on Futuremark but the actual 1080 results showing are barely showing any improvement over the overclocked 980ti, now I know its just a synthetic benchmark but not sure I’m going with the hype just yet, maybe a driver update will help but all those trying to sell a Ti for 1 of these cards hold off for short while lol Core i7-5820K Processor&gpuName=NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
Anyone actually got 1 of the cards yet?

I can imagine the overclocked non-founders editions should ‘hopefully’ account for that but of course the 980TI has had a lot more time in the real world market so a lot of it’s small corrections have been made with the driver updates

only time can really say how well the 1080 competes. When i buy mine i will let you know what it is like, i am waiting for the overclocked ones to be release on the 16th