PC randomly doesn't boot

Hi guys i’m hoping someone can help me out, brought a brand new out of the box pc tower from Novatech just two weeks ago. Im very pleased with its performance except for one issue. it randomly doesn’t go passed the Novatech logo when booting. this can happen once a day to many times in succession and has happened most days. Since unboxing and plugging it in i have only installed games and a few bits of video software. I went into the Bios and reset the settings to default just in case and turned off fastboot but nothing has changed. hard to call novatech directly for assistance when i finish work and get home after there office hours.

the Pc is a Novatech NTI285 if this is of any help (https://www.novatech.co.uk/pc/range/novatechblacknti285.html)

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Good morning Azriall,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing issue with your PC, if you happen to have the order number there for the PC could you PM me with it so that I may see what you have inside the system and to keep track of your enquiry.

Do you know if you have any USB devices attached to the unit when booting up? It may be worth trying to removing all the devices connected to the PC and then starting the machine again as some USB devices have some storage on them and the PC is trying to boot from them and getting stuck.

If removing the devices lets the PC boot up you should then be able to add the devices again without any issue.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us either on here or by emailing us at customer.services@novatech.co.uk

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I am currently looking for the order number but I haven’t changed any of the internals. As for USB I do have a Xtrfy K2 Mechanical Gaming keyboard with RGB LED which came with a USB/ps2 adapter. But if I use the adapter windows doesn’t always recognise the keyboard. The keyboard flash allot when the pc is booting though. The only other USB connections are a razer black widow mouse. A Microsoft webcam and a Microsoft joypad. I will add that when the pc is switched off the mouse does light up like it has a power supply

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As we are now dealing with this via email this thread will no longer be updated.

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