PC won’t boot to bios

Hi. My PC kinda froze yesterday. I tried to bring up task manager but nothing would happen. So, I tried the restart button and nothing would happen. So I had to hard shut it down. Upon turning the PC back on, it won’t boot to bios.

Asked google and the most common answer seemed to be replacing the battery to reset CMOS. Bought new battery and replaced the old one.( PC is 13 years old now. Bought from Novatech in 2008. Rage Pro, if anyone remembers that range. ) PC still will not boot to bios. PC does power up and all fans works, so I don’t think it’s PSU.

Anyone have any ideas? I do need a new pc to be fair. Another question is, how would I transfer all my old photos from the HDDs in this PC to a new PC?

Thanks for any help to this clueless old man :sweat_smile:

It’s ok. Took ram out and put back in. PC now works!