PCI-e 4.0 16GT/s and 300W power draw from the slot (WATT!)

So some news has been spread about PCI-e Gen 4 now the speed is no surprise to me but word has it that an expansion card can draw up to 300W from the slot. Now that is insane

I think it may not happen but imagine GPU’s without power connectors (cable management dreams)

Here’s a link from TomsHardware if you fancy a read: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/pcie-4.0-power-speed-express,news-53720.html

Cant see that being the final spec on the power, but like you said wouldn’t it be amazing if it actually was true, cables? What cables lol :wink:

I know right but thinking of it. I feel that could become a problem as PCI-e power cables would have to be a motherboard connector. I will still take that as it is easier to manage than plugging it into the GPU

Could you imagine SLI with 2 GPU’s at 200W each that means 400W coming from the 24-pin. I wont take my chances on that

It would be interesting to see how they would achieve this

This is incorrect and was actually misreported by Toms Hardware and already denied by PCI-SIG. At the Moment PCI-E allows for a total of 300 Watts ( 75w Slot, 75w 6pin and 150w 8pin )
We have seen some GPU that come with 2 8PINS for 300watts plus 75watt from the Motherboard however PCI-SIG does not recognise this as an official specification.
PCI-SIG have said that with PCI-e 4.0 slot power provision is still set at 75watts only and that how much can be delivered by the Aux Power connectors has not yet been decided.

So short answer is nothing changes on the motherboard end causes Toms report got it wrong.