PCI-E Power Cable

Where can I get one of these, 8 pin on PSU to an 8 pin and 6 pin all in one cable. its to go on an XFX R9-390X card to go into crossfire. I already have one of these cables on the existing XFX card.

Many thanks.


I assume we are talking about a modular PSU here, so you want the cable that plugs on to the sockets on the rear of the PSU that would then allow you to connect your GPU.
These cables are not so generic and can vary from power supply depending on design. These cables would have been provided with the PSU or system if built with a modular PSU when purchased.

Can you tell me the make and model of the PSU and we can see what we can find.

Hi there
The PSU is a Corsair RM850X .


I believe this may be what you are after


Not quite!!! the card needs an 8pin and a 6pin to power it. your picture only shows a 6 + 2.
Do I assume the other end of the cable that you can’t see is an 8pin that goes into the PSU.

Many thanks.

Yes that’s what the 6+2 Is about.

If you need 6 you use 6 if you need 8 then the extra +2 is used with the 6pin to make an 8pin PCI Express.

This cable then has 2 of these 6+2 connectors in a daisy chain to feed a card with either 6+6 or 8+6 or 8+8 depending on needs

Just to clarify, the 6+2 has nothing to do with the PSU end, that is a fixed connector following corsair design not PCIE SIG Design.

The corsair description of cable having 2 x 6+2 Connectors is referring to GPU end of the cable.