Pegatron A15FB BIOS update

Hi, I have a laptop based on A15FB built and purchased from a Greek company that doesn’t exist anymore so no drivers or updates info are available. I try to update the BIOS but I can’t find any available info and Google pointed out to you. My current version is 207. Do you know if there are any updates available? Also, system information identifies my bios as legacy but UEFI capable. Is it possible to convert my legacy BIOS to UEFI using MBR2GPT or something similar? Thank you in advance!!


I cannot provide any assistance on this really. We never built a system using a model A15FB, to be honest i dont ever remember that being an A15 Model. As such i would not provide any BIOS we have as no way we would know that it would be correct for what you have without clarification on model number and confirmation what correct BIOS file is used for that model otherwise mainboard could be damaged. Any further information you can provide off the unit that might help us clarify i can send a message to Pegatron who are the ODM for that chassis and see what they say

That’s the tag on the bottom of the machine. Inside there is an i5-3210M, a GeForce 630M, 4GB of RAM and above the keyboard there are some touchkeys for media control. Is there a way to extract the current BIOS file in order to send them to you? I hope those details were helpful.

Hi again,
I would like to ask if there is any new information about my issue. If there isn’t, can you tell me how to contact Pegatron myself? Also, my current CPU has a TDP equal to 35W. Is it possible to replace my CPU with a 45W or a 55W one (from the same generation in order to have the same socket type)? Thank you in advance.