Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

Any PUBG players in the house?

@Atheros and I have been playing it recently. Great tense, battle-royale shooter currently in early access on Steam.

It’s doubled it’s playerbase in recent months; every match is 90+ people trying to survive down to the last man.

Gameplay like this is why this game is awesome:

This does look pretty cool, I’ve seen it popping up all over twtich a lot recently.
If I end up getting it I’ll let you know my username!

Yeah, very popular on Twitch at the moment. Usually the third most popular streaming game behind League and Dota2

Got pretty damn close the other day, but still no chicken dinners for me :disappointed:

Palms were definitely rather sweaty and my heart was pounding at that point!

Been looking at this also, but just haven’t got time for gaming at the mo, 4.45am wake ups just aren’t compatible with a new gaming obsession lol but may very well just get it and hope to get to play it a few times, but I did think that about BF1 but still haven’t got round to play that for more than an round or 2 lol

I want this game so much… but steam sale is so close so I will wait for it.
Fingers crossed that would be on sale :smiley:

Have purchased this morning as it didn’t go into the sale so hopefully will have a play in the next few days as am off work :wink:

Nice. Thursday is generally patch day as well, so there should be some improvements to it out today :smiley:

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