Pokemon Go or Pokemon No?

Who’s on it then? I know @Ryan is doing well for himself with a couple of gyms aren’t you pal???

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Yeah indeed the missus and I have been playing it for about 10 days now, absolutely loving it. There’s a couple of good spots around where you can stand between 3 Pokéstops at once activating all three - with lures on all it’s like an endless Pokéfest!

This was a screenshot last night. I was holding Portchester Castle for three days with some friends as well as a few other gyms.

Absolutely loving the game it is great fun - and as an overweight desk worker it’s worked wonders as it’s got me out and about walking a few kilometres a day and also inspired me to start eating healthier. Weird how the mind works eh?


For those who are interested and live in the Portsmouth area, I’ve found that the best spots so far are on Southsea Seafront at the war memorial, up the hill at Mick’s Monster Burgers / Churchillian and also down near the Gosport Ferry pontoon (Turktown side) :grin: :oncoming_automobile:

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Been playing for a while now. Have a couple (what I would consider) rare Pokemon like Dragonair and Abra but nothing particularly special. Only because I don’t play it nonsensically like @Ryan :wink:


I started at the weekend (at the height of the DDoS…no wonder it didn’t work so well to start with! Once Monday came around it actually worked and was pretty enjoyable. I walked/slow cycled around for about 2 hours Monday and a few km last night! I’m gonna take advantage of it to make myself go out as I don’t do any other exercise! I don’t really have many decent ones yet as I’ve not been playing long. Just reached level 8 so I’m still catching fairly low CP ones. I did get a Growlithe Monday evening which was sweet though!


Nice!!! I’m on level 9 at the moment, we seem to get bare Magnemite and Voltorbs around our HQ at the moment, must be all the electronics coming from the building I guess…

Got a lucky egg which I’m gonna use soon and evolve a load of guys to hopefully go up a few levels! Portchester Castle near us is a good place to wander around at lunch to get a few of the little devils!


Very little progress last night, the servers were so flaky that it became unplayable and we gave up for the evening :frowning:

Hopefully they’ll sort it out before the weekend!

Every day this week I’ve walked for an hour or two after work…I don’t know what witchcraft they’ve magicked into this game but it is making me go outside…OUTSIDE!

Caught myself a 233 Rhyhorn last night, second most powerful so far!


Yeah but are you still cycling to work?

I am! And the journey home keeps ending up significantly longer as I end up walking over half ha

Finally reached level 20 last night!

New additions Lapras and Dewgong were caught at their high levels which was awesome. I used the best part of 30 balls and berries catching the Lapras, it just didn’t want to stay caught! All the other new ones are evolutions from candy.

How is everyone else getting on?


Level 20! Nice, I’m on level 14 at the moment but I never get any of these high CP’d ones everyone else is getting though, it vexes me out?

I finally went to a gym, in the middle of the New Forest of all places at the weekend but I don’t have many high valued stuff so I left a poor Golbat there like a lamb to the slaughter haha

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Better Pokémon Names


Nice man! I’m level 16 now and I’ve started to get some decent cp! The Lapras I caught with the 2nd great ball!

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Looking good dude! Everyone seems to have a CP1000+ Vaporeon, Mel has two! No idea why they made Eevee so common. Not complaining though!

You seem to be suffering from an overload of Magnemites that used to plague me early in the game, it’s frustrating as they are everywhere and Magneton maxxes out pretty low. It’s so easy to get bored of catching them but don’t give up haha!

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The winning tactic seems to be to not spend any of your stardust at all until you reach level 18 or so and most of your top six are over CP1000. Then you can make big gains. Shame I didn’t do that or I could be much, much stronger!

Also another few good points are

  • When you get to the higher levels, max out your strongest lower evolution Pokémon before evolving, as they will gain a bigger “semicircle” once evolved giving you even more headroom to increase their CP. I tend to find evolutions gain around 400 - 750 CP, so a 550 CP Eevee could become a 1300 Vaporeon, with loads more headroom to go even further, for example.

  • Catch everything even if you don’t really want to, as each catch is 100 stardust which is hard to get through doing anything else but valuable for becoming a stronger player.

  • Saving up and then making lots of little evolutions - those which require a low number of candy (Pidgey > Pidgeotto, Caterpie > Metapod, Weedle > Kakuna, for example) - whilst using a magic egg allows you to climb the higher levels quicker where you need 50,000XP or more between level stages.

  • Work to gain gyms in less visited areas, as those in popular places with a fair number of players will change hands multiple times a minute when there are lots of players around. The XP is valuable but you’ll never be able to claim the stardust or gold coins unless you hold for more than 22 hours.

Anyone have any more useful tips?


I normally catch everything I see but it leads to me always having to go out on hunts just for pokeballs half the time, like right now I’m done to 0. Normally because Zubats come along and take about 5 or 6 balls before they come to butthead.

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