Pop up empowering tecnology

I am getting for the last two days a pop up headed ‘empowering technology’ apparently part of Acer programming. How do I get rid of it?

Empowering Technology is an ACER Specific application that is preloaded on to Acer branded units.
Like all applications it can be removed via Windows “Apps & Features” section. However this software as i understand it has many functions on Acer units and its removal could cause other issues.
I would suggest you speak directly to Acer support in regard to possible side effects of removing this application package. The other thing to do would be to address what the notifications are about or block the notifications.

Many thanks for the explanation. However soon after the appearance of the popups the computer lost power due to plug falling out . On restoration the ‘empowering technology’ popups did not reappear.
Can I assume that an erratic power supply caused the problem?