Possible Over heating?

Hi, Just a quick question regarding my newish pc. It seems to be running very hot, when under load the case is almost too hot to touch. The monitoring software for my mobo is telling me that currently the cpu temp is 56deg. When playing CS:GO it is getting up to 87/88 deg. the gpu temp now is 68deg and during a game it hits 94. Last night i had to reset in between games and pc wouldn’t boot due to a cpu over temp fault, i had to wait 5 mins for it to cool. is the i7 usually this hot?
Intel 6th Gen Quad Core I7 6700K 4.0GHz
Arctic Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2 CPU Cooler
ASUS Z170-E Intel Z170 (Socket 1151) Motherboard
Phanteks Eclipse P400S Silent Black Mid Tower Case - no other cooling


Hey Nick,

I unfortunately have some bad news for yourself in terms of temperatures; the ones you’re reporting are extremely high for what you have in the machine, which is very likely affecting the performance of your machine.

I can let you know that those temperatures are definitely not where they should be, and would ask whether this was a machine that you built yourself or one that you’d purchased from us? If it was purchased from us, or the parts from us that you used, it would be best to send us through a ticket to our email address: customer.services@novatech.co.uk and we can start going through the process of investigating what’s causing the issues and heat.

  • JASL

Thanks for the quick reply, it was a system purchased from yourselves. a custom build. i will send the ticket now. thanks

Was your system one that was shipped with internal protective packaging. This is a pink colour anti static material that is placed inside the PC to protect during transport. If your system did ship with this material inside, was it all removed.
Also it might be worth checking as well inside PC chassis just to make sure that CPU Cooler fan is running and that something has not happened from transit cause for CPU to be going that high it does seem like we have an air flow type issue.


I am pretty sure i removed all the packaging. the pc is back with you now as i dropped it off yesterday and i am struggling along on an old laptop that is as fast as my old spectrum it seems!!