Power supply good enough?

hi i am using a novatech 500watts power supply and i want to upgrade my gpu (i have a 750 ti so it doesnt use a power connector) i was wondering if it has a 6pin connector or higher and if it could support a gtx 1060 6gb or 1070 if you need any more info just ask.


Can you provided a break down of your system hardware please so we know what else you are trying to power.
Thanks =D

yeah sure i have
intel 6400
stock intel cooler
gigabyte h150 s2h
16gb crucial ddr4 memory
1 terabyte 7200rpm hard drive
120gb ssd
optical drive

anything else let me know and thanks for getting in touch

Heya, not sure how busy Coops is today, but 500w should be perfectly fine for that system as long as it’s a decently rated PSU for efficiency. Your power draw should be somewhere towards the 400w range.

It would mean that if in the future you wanted to add much more else it may be best to upgrade. It’s also best just to double check your current PSU has the right connections for the 1070 you’re looking to purchase :slight_smile:

If it was me personally, I’d use it as a nice excuse to grab myself a new PSU to future proof me against any trouble my impulse buying my lead me to :wink:

Haha we are all guilty of impulse buying :smiley: but yeah I will definelty think about upgrading psu can’t hurt to for the future and 100 watts headroom is pretty good in my opinion thanks for the reply