Powerline kits querry

I suffer with bad wifi connection in my room and was wondering if these would help with connecting with the router, we recently converted the concrete shed in to a bedroom and im currently having to use 2 wifi extenders just to get any signal at all, the electrics run to a secondary fuse board then in to the main board of the house and was wondering if the powerline kits would still work as I don’t really wanna run a long Ethernet cable through the dining room, then through the kitchen if I can help.

any feed back would be appreciated on this

From what I’m reading, the answer is “it depends”.

It seems that they will work on different circuits provided that both circuits are on the same phase; but you are unlikely to get any guarantees.

I think the likelihood is is that they will work but probably not at the full speeds they are capable of, and they may be prone to disconnections and drop outs… but some people seem to have no issues at all with similar setups.

Yeah agree 100% with codemonkey. Certainly in the right situation they can work very well. I’ve used one before (albeit on the same floor/in the same building) and that worked fairly well. The best thing you can really do is go for it, there’s no real way of knowing how well they will work in a particular house sadly!

Thanks everyone for your opinion on this as I was really stuck about it and wanted some opinions from other people