Precise clock timing problem with W7 professional on N150RF1

I have a specific need to be able to time accurately to tens of milliseconds. I use a specialst purpose-built GPS time receiver that both sends a time signal to the laptop and constantly adjusts the laptop clock within a few milliseconds of the right time. The problem is that when I am running video at 100 frames per second or faster the software can record the same time to the exact millisecond for two frames in succession. I have checked with the manufacturer of the software and the timing device inventor and they tell me this is a specific problem with Windows 7 and earlier that can sometimes be cured by hardware changes or alternatively by using Windows 10 which uses a more precise clock reader than Windows 7.

My laptop was designed to have Windows 10 but at the time it suited my needs to put Windows 7 Professional on it. Does anyone know if there is anything I can activate in the hardware or BIOS to enable the level of accuracy possible with Windows 10 without having to install Windows 10?


Further to this issue I ran the same time test on my older Novatech laptop, same size as my N150RF1 but two years older and also running Windows 7 Professional. Although this machine has a conventional hard drive and not a Solid State Drive I have found that its speed of clock response time is faster by a factor of 10, taking 1.25 milliseconds to respond to the internal clock against 15.6 milliseconds for my N150RF and also my main PC (which takes 15.6 milliseconds as well).

Can anyone please explain why my old laptop is able to read the clock much faster when it has the same operating software loaded on it? The model is NSpire 15.6" model A35 FE.

I really need the new laptop to be able to read the clock as fast as the old one and I cannot understand why it can’t or what to do to fix this.