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Which NovaTech laptop would have been shipped with Windows Vista and Office 3?

Hi Vince,

We sold thousands of laptops with that configuration about 10 or so years ago - if you’re looking for specific information, do you have the NNB- code from the bottom of the unit? (might be in the battery bay)


Hi, Ryan,

Thanks for your message. The NNB code on this laptop is: NNB-541VP 7210104-004. The model is: L51II0, and according to the System Information it is a 2006 model (as you rightly suspected.) Having received it now, It is running Vista Home Premium, but I don’t know if that is what it “came with.” It will need a new battery by the look of things, but it is running o. k. I’m in the process of uninstalling some of the previous user’s software, and setting up new user status for the Mrs. It seems a bit corrupt in some ways, but a system restore has dealt with some of this, and once I can get a fully working, error free internet browser going, and an anti-virus set up, we might be getting to the end product. It is a nice sturdy old machine; unlike her current Compaq C60 of the more “plastic” variety.



That specific machine was indeed shipped with Vista Home Premium pre-installed on it … no Office though.