Price Hike in one day in my basket

Just had a look back at my basket as poised to make a purchase to build a new machine and seen its jumped up by around £60 and the two cuplrits are the Kingston Black Fury 2666 (flash image on site still says the price I checked it at £119 not £138 as it is now) and the Samsung 500GB SSD, how can you justify such a price hike in a day

Hi, when I’m back in the office tomorrow morning I will look into why the price has moved and let you know,

Thank you for the response Dean

OK, so our pricing is very fluid at the moment due to lots of external factors, such as £ to $ rate which affects our supplier pricing, which then has a knock effect to us.

In the case of the RAM, I have set the price back to the banner price you saw (the banner should have been removed when the pricing changed), so you can place your order.

There are quite a few Samsung 500GB SSD’s though, so can you PM me the code for the one you were looking at and I will see what I can do?


Code for the Samsung is SAM-E8550

OK, I’ve set the price back on that drive too. Those prices will stay fixed until the weekend, then they are likely to rise again.

Hope that helps!

Much Appreciated Dean