Problem with C17B BIOS update

Hi, when I try to update the BIOS for my aging C17B using the BIOS update from a link on this forum, I get the following error message:

‘Current BIOS does not support program of this version. Please use the other revision.’

I am trying to update to v703 from v616.

The American Megatrends version shows as 2.15.1234.

Please advise, many thanks.



Can i have some more detail please as this is not an error i have heard of before. Is your unit a Novatech chassis unit or from other OEM. Did you update to V616 from our files or was it already on 616 and you just update to 703. What OS is your unit currently running.
Do you have AC Connected and is battery fully charged??

Hi Coops, yes it’s a Novatech Laptop purchased from you guys by my son, which I am now using. As far as I’m aware he hasn’t updated the BIOS (don’t think he would know how).
OS is Win 10, a fresh install after I replaced the HDD with a SSD.
I’ve tried with both a full battery and power lead connected.

Well, very bizarre! I’ve now managed to update to 703 :slight_smile:

OK no problem, glad you have sorted it. Form the picture above it looks like you are running the 616 update which if your unit was already 616 i believe you said so would not work as its already that version. You could go straight to the 703 update.