Promo Code isn' working, website is redirecting

Hey hey
So i got a rainbow six promo with my ssd. It arrived with teh details on a lil yellow sticker. i have a voucher code and a redemption URL. seems easy enough except when i type in the URL it redirects me to a promo page that is clearly advertising the very thing I have already got and there is nowhere to type in teh voucher code.
So I had a quick scot of this site and found I could enter teh promo key into a voucher areabox on the basket page. except when I do it says its invalid or expired. SO that sucks. IT’s not supposed to expire till teh 30th and it shouldn’t be invalid because i havent used it yet.
I messaged the tech support guys but they just wanted to put me on to the customer support guys who werent online… helpful
anyone else had this experience and managed to fix it?
is there a way to find teh redemption URL without being redirected?

so this forum is even less responsive than the novatech, ubisoft and samsung tech support. who the hell am i supposed to message. noone answers. no one.

Hello Ryakki

Please remember that this forum is not actively monitored by members of Novatech staff , it is all done in their own time and of their own freewill.

If you are having issues with the redemption of a Promotion Code THE quickest way to get this resolved would be to call and talk to our customer services team who are available on the phone Mon - Fri 09:00-17:00.they would be the best point of contact to get this resolved as quickly as possible with the least hassle.
please ensure that you have your order number with you to enable us to deal with your enquiry as quickly and efficiently as possible.

if the issue is with the vendors website not working correctly then this would be something out of our control but if you can let us know your details we can see what we can do to resolve the issue

if you have any other issue please let me know and I will attempt to assist you

I can’t talk on the phone it gives me anxiety but my flatmate will probably call you guys for me if i ask him. But he doesnt get home from work till 6pm and you guys aren’t available then.
I think we are well past the quickest way by now. Is there another method other than by phone that i could be helped?

if you PM me your order details, exactly what steps you have gone through to redeem the code and the errors you are getting along with you email address (if different from the one you are using for your forum account) I will get someone to look into this on Monday and contact you via email

ok erm
how do i email you?
just like pm on this forum?

You can either PM me through the forum or if you wanted you can email customer services directly at

I have messaged customer services a few times. I don’t know what to do anymore. Maybe i’m just being too much hassle for everyone. I messaged samsung and ubisoft aswell.
i’m just getting upset now.
What’s the point? We are just pointless expressions of energy on a vast cosmic plain that doesn’t care about us. Why should this even matter to me? Nothing matters.

If you don’t want to speak to someone via the phone we also offer a live chat service with the same support agents and technicians during our opening hours. You can reach the live chat service here:

They won’t be live again until Monday now, I’m afraid.

Don’t worry there is nothing be afraid of.

If you have already emailed our customer services team they will get back to you as soon as possible, however please note that there can be a turn around time of up to 24 working hours during busy periods.

When I am back in the office on Monday I will try and expedite this enquiry for you.

Thank you mr steel
or Andy
or sebastian
whichever you prefer