PSU fan sounds like old-fashioned HDD writing

This is how my Corsair CX600M fan sounds, like an old-type noisy hard disk drive frequently chugging away when writing. Does this definitely mean it’s on its way out?

Also, whilst the item is no longer available at Novatech, I think the PSU may have had a 3-year warranty on it. Would it be possible to get a refund or replacement? I bought the item back in August 2014.

I’m sorry to hear your Power Supply is giving you a headache! I know it can be a pain when things go like that.

If you’re able to get in contact with us on the following email: with your order number, we can certainly take a look and see how we can help; and if needs be check the Warranty on the item and see if it’s something we’re able to get back and have repaired for you.

I would prefer a refund, but I doubt that’s going to happen.

What is a GOOD budget brand of PSU? I found out just last night that the CX600M was actually a rebranded inferior PSU, and there have been many dissatisfied customers of it. I need one which will be good.

Generally Corsair make some pretty decent power supplies, I own three of them currently for different machines.

EVGA are another good brand of PSU, and our Novatech units definitely hold their own.