Question on Ti Versions of Graphics Cards

Howdy Guys & Gals!

I was wondering if anybody here could explain the difference between non-Ti GPUs & Ti version GPUs?



Hi Mate, generally speaking the Ti version is just an inbetween of the next one up. for example, the heirarchy would go:

GTX 1050 > 1050Ti > 1060

Hi luke.w

Sorry for the late response, with Christmas & a very pleasant bout of the norovirus things were a wee bit busy! LOL!

I’m only asking as a mate said that the Ti version of the card was just an overclocked version of the standard card released before.
I’m of the opinion that the Ti is more than just overclocked, it has upgraded internals?

Can anyone here help sort this out?!!



Hi Keith

Usually the Ti is the “2nd revision” of that card, but this time around (10xx series) it is literally just a model between the two as @luke.w has explained. Generally the Ti is different hardware, but it differs from card to card.

I’ve found that for quick reference, can tell you some specific differences between models if you are looking to compare two models at a glance.

For your information, most graphics cards of the same series will use the same chip, just clocked at different levels and with different features enabled, in addition to differing amounts of VRAM. For example the GTX 960, GTX 970 and GTX 980 all used the same GM204 chip. But 980Ti used the faster GM200 chip (as did the Titan X). So in a way, your friend is not entirely wrong.