Realtek Audio Console

I have this on my Novatech N1692 but it has never worked and comes up with failure to connect to RPC

Anyone else had issues with this pre-installed software and been able to resolve it


This could be an issue with either the current Realtek Audio Driver Version Installed or the version of the Realtek Console.

Can you confirm Realtek Driver Version that is currently installed in device manager.

Can you make sure that the latest Realtek Console Version is installed by the MS Store, so if you check for the installed apps on your system in the MS Store just make that they are all up to date.


There are no Realtek Drivers installed, it is using a windows universal usb driver, latest console is installed.

Hmmmm ok its possible you have C-Media not realtek Audio. Seems two Mainboard version for this model. If you open the properties page again. Go the details tab. On the tab that appears in the drop down box can you change the Property to “Hardware IDs” in the value box some text will appear.
Can you let me know what this shows. We can confirm then if Audio Chip is Realtek or C-Media then provide correct driver.

There is C-Media in add/remove programs

This is hardware IDs


Yes that is VID for C-Media, so in that case C-Media Driver can be downloaded using the following Link

If you extract and then install the driver package this should hopefully resolve issue.
If you do have the Realtek Audio Console installed this can be removed as it won’t be needed.

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Thank you will give it a go

All sorted Thank you

Great, thanks for the update =D