Recomendation please

hey all, looking for a recommended gfx card to run a hp envy quad hd (NO LINKS TO OTHER WEBSTORES PLEASE)
running a strix 980 currently so expecting it to struggle a bit. if I do need a 1080 then I’m a bit buggered lol

many thanks

So that’s 2560x1440 right? I’ve got a Dell Ultrasharp 2560x1440 running off a 780Ti and it runs all games just fine, I don’t think you’d need to upgrade from a 980.

ahh ok lol … was a little worried as its not exactly small
thanks for that

also sorry for the web link, if novatech had sold it obviously I would have linked it there, was just incase someone wanted to know what the thing was.
ill go back to lurking now

Yeah you’re fine :slight_smile: worst case scenario, you might have to drop some settings on some games from ultra to high/med but at 1440p it’s still gonna look great.

As Luke has pointed out it will be fine for pretty much all the games, but if you did find it struggling a 2nd 980 would be the sweet spot not a 1080 :wink: