Registering for firmware updates?

I’m told I should register for firmware updates for the Elite I bought from novatech last year.

Is that the case and if so, how do I go about it please?

If you can give us your system model number or serial number then we can check for latest update version for you.
We don’t tend to just publish the updates freely as some systems require special update instruction so we just like to touch base with customer performing update so that they are well informed on update process if required to prevent incorrect flash update.

is this what you need? It was on the invoice - ‘1 x Custom Novatech Elite N1768 NB’

I also bought and installed one of your bluray writers since then

I have tracked down the production record for your unit. It shipped with SYS 1.05.09, latest version is 1.05.10

I will prepare the files you will need with BIOS engineer and contact with instructions when they are ready.

Thanks john. Is this a major or min or upgrade ie what would be the implications of not doing it?


Update is very minor, the only difference between 09 and 10 version is an update to some information for the card reader about what smart cards chips it can support. So basically if you are not using any kind of smart card then you could skip the update if you do not wish to carry out, it would not cause any issue for you.

Does this mean there are no updates for spectre and meltdown? I used the Intel tool to check and it said my pc was vulnerable.

Yes we have tool to patch ME Module in BIOS for affected units. I will send you link

Thanks. You’d think they’d put it in an update wouldn’t you?

I think it was done this way so they could make one tool to update all the units rather than having to build and sign off a BIOS update for every unit that needed one.

Makes sense. Thanks, John. I’ll look forward to the link.

you should have the link on PM already